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Roshni regularly set up health related activities for South Asian women, which are culturally sensitive and accessible to the women we support. Depending on funding and resources different activities are provided at different times. In 2012 -13 we are running the following programmes.

A community health champion programme
Recruiting and training volunteers to support people to eat healthily, be physically active and improve their mental well-being, and so to improve the health of people in Sheffield’s least healthy communities.

Yoga classes
These are provided in partnership with Ship Shape and take place at the Ship Shape building in Sharrow. These classes are funded by the Iyengar Yoga Association, and are offered free of charge to South Asian women to improve access to yoga to this group.

Meri Sehat
‘Meri Sehat’ - which means ‘My Health’ is a health and fitness based programme for women interested in losing weight and getting healthy. Women are initially weighed and measured and achievable goals are set and monitored over a 3 month period.

Case studies
Client A came along to the program to take part in the weekly exercise activites and to make new friends. She states that she benefitted from all the sessions that were delivered, especially yoga, as she learnt lots of new relaxation techniques. She also snacked regularly through the day before joining ‘Meri Sehat’ with lots of different foods. However, she has now learnt to eat three set meals a day with plenty of salad and vegetables on her plate; and to snack with fruit in between. Client ‘A’ has started to lose weight whilst on the Meri Sehat program and feels a lot more in control of her own weight.

Client B is a young girl who attended the weekly Roshni boxercise sessions organised through ‘Meri Sehat’. She was very shy and lacked confidence in herself. She attended the sessions with a close friend and almost everyone noticed the change in her confidence. She felt much happier and took up boxercise as a regular sport thereafter.

Programme of activities
Women who have joined Meri Sehet are offered a 1and a ½ hour weekly session, which includes half hour of information on health topics and one hour of physical activity. Sessions are friendly, informative and fun.

Here are some of the health topics covered during sessions: self esteem and body image, balanced diet, importance of breakfast, the truth about FAT, hidden salt, lets lower the sugar, portion size, mood and food.

Women are offered a variety of physical activities. Examples include Bollywood dancing, Zumba dancing, Yoga and Self Defence.

Who can join and how?
Any woman aged 18+, who lives in Sheffield and has a South Asian background can join. If you are interested, please contact Roshni.

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