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Since 2004, Roshni has provided a mixture of NOCN accredited/non accredited training in subject areas including: Sewing, ESOL (entry, level 1 and level 2), Introduction to ICT, Using Word, Using Computers, Introduction To Computer, Using The Internet, Exploring Computers, Using Language, Confidence Building, Local Community Studies, Internal and External Car Parts, Health and Safety, Mentoring, Women and Health, Understanding Mental Health, Women and Work and Job search.

In addition we are a UK on line centre, helping women who have little confidence and knowledge of ICT to develop ICT skills that can be used for everyday life; to improve employability and take up further training opportunities.

During 2012 Roshni has run weekly ESOL classes for beginners, ICT classes as well as a weekly job club - helping women who are seeking employment to find work. In 2012 we also put on a Positive Parenting course for our Bengali coffee morning clients called ‘Triple P’, for parents of young children.

Our Current Service: We are running a weekly ESOL class with a social care element, a weekly job club and a weekly ICT class.

New development: In Sep 2012 we have established a new programme of volunteering for women who are lacking in skills and confidence, but who would like to volunteer with a view to becoming more active and independent.

The ‘Volunteer Plus’ programme will also help women to move closer to the labour market, enabling them to establish the discipline and habits of working life, such as attending on time or regularly, carrying out specific tasks and working under supervision while delivering a contribution to the local community.

We envisage that these volunteers will build a range of skills, knowledge and expertise in order for them to become more confident and aware of their surroundings and the external work environment.  From experience, we know we will be able to utilise these volunteers as support staff at the coffee mornings, organise and assist women with limited mobility to get out and about, accompany existing clients to get out and about and engage in the social and occupational life of the city and help tutors in the classroom with developing language skills.

Case studies
Student A
did not speak any English at all when she joined Roshni. All she spoke was her mother tongue, Tamil. Over the year, the project helped her to develop some conversational English, as well as improving her written skills. She is now able to complete her basic personal details in an application form. Her feedback form at the end of the year stated how much she had benefited from this course and that she would be pursuing her training further.

Student B was very keen and persistent in learning ICT skills. She achieved good basic skills on how to operate a PC, learnt about MS Word, how to save a file, how to upload photos to the computer, web search and email management. She went from not knowing how to switch on a computer, to being able to find a desired You Tube video to watch.

Student C is getting Job Seeker Allowance and is very eager to find a job. She has been attending the Roshni Job club regularly for help to search for jobs on the web and make enquiries over the phone.  Since she joined this programme she has had two interviews and one job offer (she could not take it up in the end because the hours offered were unsuitable to her childcare needs).

How to join: If you are interested, please get in touch with Roshni.

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